Every Day a Staycation

Earlier this week the Wall Street Journal had a slightly sad-making article about that thing with the horrible name, the “staycation.” The article’s starts out confusing: “Karen Ash is about to take a weeklong Japanese vacation. She’ll buy postcards and souvenirs at a traditional Japanese market. She’ll admire bonsai plants and view Japanese films. She’ll eat ramen, ordering in Japanese. And she’ll never leave the Bronx.”

But where is this secret Japanese district in the Bronx that’s perfectly suited for a Japanostaycation? If it’s out there, Karen doesn’t know it either, because the video makes it clear that her itinerary include such borough-crossing destinations as the Japan Society and East Village ramen shops. I’m still a little unclear on what constitutes “doing stuff where you live” and what’s an honest-to-God staycation, but it’s good to know that you can at least visit other boroughs without breaking the rules.

Perhaps the next staycation wrinkle will be apartment swaps in the same city. Anyone got a Brighton Beach condo they’d swap for an East Village tenement? We’ll leave the Vornados on for you.


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